Yesterday we were in this great escape room with 8 friends, in “Caught with a zombie”.
Without detailing anything or making spoilers, I will say that the story is great, the atmosphere is great, the tests are very cool and the actors deserve more than one award!!
We managed to escape with 1 minute and a half or something like that, but his thing cost us…and in the end we lost our way in the easy things to complicate our life hahaha. But, overall, my experience was very positive! This was my third escape room and I enjoyed it like a dwarf.
If I had to put in some but, I think it would be that for 8 I thought the room was too small in the sense that we all had to do small parts of the tests but not solve an entire one, which frustrates you a little because it’s cool to see the outcome of what you’ve been thinking and doing. Peeeeeeeero insists, the zombie factor inside the room, the distribution of roles and the layout of the room more than make up for it and we had a great time!
We will definitely come back and recommend it 100%!!
Keep it up because it’s a real 10!

Patri C