What is a escape room?

A room closed, 60 minutes, will you get out? These would be the premises to be able to understand what an escape room is.

Escape games consist of a room where you will find puzzles and you will have to put all your skills into play. This is a room where you will be locked up for 60 short minutes, and we say short because there the minutes become enemies that run very fast.

To be able to perform one of these games you will have to have a team that depending on the escape room will vary in number of players. Normally there is a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 6. But in other escape room you can find multitude of options.

During all the time that you are inside the room you have a person, who receives the name of game master, and that will guide you in case you need help. If you know the role you will know the importance of this character in the game. He will be watching and listening to everything that goes on inside the room. So rest assured, you will not be alone.

Elements of an escape room.

For an escape room to work you must meet at least three elements. They will be fundamental for the accomplishment of the game, and especially so that when you do this game you only want to do more and more …

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The setting is a key factor in any escape room. We have to create an environment according to the story we want to tell. Yes, escape games are all based on a story and we have to make them feel integrated in it. We have to feel on entering that we have moved to a place and that there happens something that probably told us the game master, or that we will find throughout the sixty minutes.


The difficulty of an escape room is given by the complexity of its enigmas. We can find complicated or simpler enigmas. Depending on this, escape games could be classified into different levels of difficulty. That yes and by way of advice, the clues that we find to open padlocks, solve puzzles, and everything that we arise in one of these escape games do not need nonsense theories. Many times we see how there are groups that create theories about something that is very simple, that if … you have to have an open and fast thinking.


The story or plot is totally linked to the setting. It is essential that you have a well-argued story and a plot in which our “escapists” are going to have to solve many puzzles.

In the end these games are deeply linked to a story, which must be original and well tied. If to this we join a chord atmosphere and a difficulty that makes us analyze and think each track will be a room of success.

It is very important that in these rooms the team stays together and with very good communication, without this it will be practically impossible that you can go out and celebrate the great achievement.

Now that you know what an escape room is … do you encourage yourself to one with zombies? Come visit us! Choose your Escape Room in Madrid or Valencia