Presentation of Get Even. Bandai Namco

Organization of Corporate Events

On 13 October we have had the pleasure to make the presentation in our room Madrid, the new game Bandai Namco Get Even. For the occasion the Japanese multinational commissioned us the recreation of the game itself in our facilities, an important challenge for the team Show Game Adventures in which merge the acting work, escape the game live and technology; We create a cocktail with actors and live escape game in which include several technological tricks of art as a Digital pump built into the body of one of our actresses Mar Mandli and the latest technology applied to our room (Augmented Reality); all it requested by Namco Bandai team in Europe, always based on the game and gave us guidelines creative signature.

GET EVEN follows the theme of the horror genre, but relies more on psychological terror. The protagonist, Cole Black, wakes up in a mental hospital. From there, you need to find out what happened and how you got there. It depends, therefore, of the memories that come to mind to understand the present.

Mar Mandli in the character of the woman kidnapped and Ejo Sanchez as Cole Black

Direction and Production:
Jesus Pardo

Sets and Props:
Iñigo Tricio