Escape Room with actors, enjoy a new immersive experience

There are few escape rooms that you will encounter with actors, however they will become one of your favorite escape rooms. Finding actors inside an escape room makes them a much more exciting experience. This new trend emerges years ago in the United States with the need to create an immersive theater where you can interact with the “escapists” and give it a unique touch.

Recreating an escape room with actors is essential to have a high dose of interpretation mixed with ingenuity and desire to amuse those who choose a different escape room.

If you are lover of the escape and you will know the adrenaline that generates and the sensation of satisfaction that gives each test realized. Now imagine all that but with someone else outside you willing to make things more difficult and more fun, of course. Adding this interactive element to the room will affect your concentration, generate nerves and make communication with your team less effective. It can then become a plus of difficulty or simply an element that will enrich the setting.

Escape games with zombies.

The fascination with zombies is nothing new but it is clear that there is a new boom. Thanks to comics, movies and television series these “eat brains” have become a theme of great attraction for the general public. We have all, at least heard of, The Walking Dead with an almost insurmountable success that has been seen by millions and millions of people around the world. This means that this phenomenon has also reached the escape room. An added value to the plot that inside a room should have. A content according to the story that will tell us and that offers us a different way of interacting with the environment in which we are immersed.

If you are already knowledgeable about these escape games you will know that it is important that everything is set and that in a few seconds you find yourself immersed in a story full of enigmas ready to be solved by the most agile and insightful minds.

But what would it mean for you to enter an escape room with zombies? It certainly sounds rather interesting. We believe that the tension generated by having an actor inside the room is an added value to take into account for our adrenaline and fun time.

When we face a zombie escape room we are accepting a challenge with a higher physical and mental level than we have faced before.

As we mentioned earlier this interactive element can add a bit of difficulty. You just have to imagine now instead of having a traditional actor having a zombie characterized with a realism to experience.

Luckily you can enjoy this room escape with zombies in Madrid and in Valencia, cheer up and you will not regret it!