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Escape Room with actors, enjoy a new immersive experience

There are few escape rooms that you will encounter with actors, however they will become one of your favorite escape rooms. Finding actors inside an escape room makes them a much more exciting experience. This new trend emerges years ago in the United States with the need to create an immersive ...

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Do you want to escape? Follow these tips

ROOM ESCAPE TIPS. GET READY FOR A FUN TIME crazy! DO YOU WANT TO ESCAPE? Follow these tips PUES #1. DO NOT YOU STAY SEATED THERE!   There are clues scattered throughout the room. Moves, plays, strip, turns, twists and opens many things as you can for clues.  #2. SHARE YOUR FINDINGS.  The only ...

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Room Escape in Valencia

Room Escape Adventures reaches Valencia, we present our game Trapped in a room with a Zombie in March 2016 with a great reception from the public Valenciano. Our team in Valencia draws great actors and actresses from the Valencian scene as Raquel Hernandez, Alejandra Mandli, Mar Mandli, Pepe ...

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